There is no doubt that, used effectively, digital marketing will transform the way you connect with your customers.

Email marketing in particular is a powerful, flexible and highly cost-effective means of generating sales.

Email Newsletters

Our own email marketing system GuestMagnet Mailer can communicate your messages quickly and at low cost compared to traditional direct marketing. You can easily target your messages to specific groups of customers and you can connect your campaigns to other social networks.

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Social media: Twitter, Facebook & the like

No one can deny the strength of a consistently strong social media presence can have on marketing. However, it is sometimes hard to think up content that is interesting, revelant and not too sell, sell, sell!  We can set up your social media accounts, give advice about content or manage your whole social media strategy.

Words to the wise

If digital marketing sounds like your panacea – great! But can we offer some wise words?:

  • Inundate your hotel, restaurant or pub client database with too many email newsletters and they will be furiously reaching to click the ‘unsubscribe’ button.
  • Having your brochure exclusively online is beneficial because people can have instant access, but if your brochure is beautifully designed in rich, dark colours, then your prospective guest may be sending you a bill for their next supply of printer ink!
  • Social media has revolutionised digital marketing and it’s free! Fantastic, as long as you have the time and content ideas to regularly create consistently interesting dialogue with your fans and followers.

Like any marketing, you should plan your digital marketing with care to make it relevant and interesting. Or let us do it!

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