Hospitality Websites Made
Easy & Affordable

You know how important it is to build an effective presence online - to ensure that your 'shop window' on the web works hard at converting browsers into bookers.

But that doesn't mean you have the need or the budget for a large, bespoke website.

Your requirements for a website might be straight-forward, even though you still need a site that meets modern demands, one that's:

  • easy to use and easy to maintain;
  • designed by experts to show your property at its best; and crucially,
  • made to work well on any device - smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Introducing GuestMagnet Publisher

Get a modern mobile-friendly website for your hotel or restaurant

GuestMagnet Publisher is our fully-hosted, subscription-based website service that makes it easy and affordable to get your new, modern website up and running in no time.

In short, you get:

  • a modern, mobile-friendly website that's
  • quick to get going
  • easy to keep up to date, and
  • at a price you can afford


Get your GuestMagnet website designed & built for just £495, plus your monthly subscription from £39. Read more about what's included with a GuestMagnet website.

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