Make a Marketing Daisy-Chain!

Make a Marketing Daisy-Chain!

There's so much free marketing out there. And since it's not costing you anything, it must be worthwhile. But do you sometimes wonder if Twitter and Facebook is an effective use of your time?

The email newsletters that you diligently toil over trying to decide just the right content - are they bringing you repeat business? Are they sending traffic to your website?  And when your customers are on your website, are your calls to action so compelling that they book there and then?

Closer to home, do your own customer-facing team know what offers and promotions you're running? Are there printed table talkers or flyers reinforcing these?

As you might know, a typical customer needs to be aware of a sales message up to 7 times before they decide to make a purchase.  So then how much more time efficient is it to co-ordinate the communication of your messages using the multiple offline and online channels available to you?

It's all down to the alchemy of your marketing -  joining up your marketing activity enhances the outcome. Every time. When your marketing is properly integrated, that's when 'the sum is greater than its parts' - to borrow an old adage.

So make sure your website supports the key messages/offers/events in your email newsletter (with offer/topic specific landing pages) because it will have a bigger impact on conversion. Integrate these same messages on Twitter and Facebook as well as printed materials. Crucially, don't forget to share all the sales messages with your front of house team & get them talking to your customers about what's going on at your property. Kapow!

We call it daisy-chain marketing (if that's a bit girly, you can call it 'joined up' marketing!) and when your campaigns are executed with joined-up forethought, you'll see a significant upsurge in sales.

So next time you dream up a brilliant promotion that you know will knock the socks off your guests and diners, consider how you communicate it.

Great marketing is like an incredible dish, mix the right ingredients well, get the consistency right and look forward to enjoying the result. You're the Chef - good luck!