Is print dead? Yes or No?

Is print dead? Yes or No?


A physical brochure or flyer is a tangible thing; eminently portable and... it’s never ‘offline’!

• Resolutely sitting on tables or attached to fridges, they act as a constant reminder.
• A well designed brochure printed on good quality paper can often convey the right impression in the way that a website can’t.
• Many hotels report daily phone calls asking for a brochure. The response of ‘go to our website’ may put off a potential guest. Plus many of the older generation don’t own a computer!
• Strangely many brochure requests come whilst checking out. Either the guest wants a momento or wants to give it to a family member or friend.
• When your brochure gets handed to a friend with the words, ‘You’ve just got to stay here!’ - that kind of viral marketing is priceless!


Surely websites have now made brochures obsolete?

• With its unlimited pages, pictures and text that can be updated at the touch of a button and strong calls to action, a website has everything you need to make a buying decision.

• The plethora of review sites and a greater awareness of what is available to the consumer means that there is no longer a role for traditional print.

• Then there’s the cost issue. Without doubt, the cost of print and ink has increased and is it ecologically unethical to cut down trees to make the paper for these brochures?

The truth is, both printed and online marketing should be part of your plan. Each does a different job & each is effective, when used in the right way.