Marketing Essentials: Go Mobile-Friendly

Marketing Essentials: Go Mobile-Friendly

Smartphone or tablet use accounts for a whopping 50% of the time we spend online.

More than ½ of the visits to your website are likely to be coming from a mobile device.*

When potential guests are looking on their smartphone or tablet for a place to go, if your competitor has a mobile-friendly site and you don’t, you’re giving business away.

And if you’re still not convinced...

Google recently announced a major change to the way they rank websites. They’ve said publicly that they will give preference to mobile-friendly sites.

Don’t take it from me. Here’s what they said on their blog: “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.”

You have been warned!

*Stats from Whistle Hospitality/Google Analytics, based on data from 63,308 user sessions, Mar-Apr 2015