Google Adwords: 5 ‘Golden Rules’

Google Adwords: 5 ‘Golden Rules’

 5 top tips that will help you to understand Google Adwords...hopefully!

Rule #1: Don’t touch it until you know what you’re doing
It might sound extreme but, really, you need to avoid paying the Google ‘stupidity tax’. They are expert at taking your money off you so you need to be pretty confident that you can make a return before you start to dabble. Learn how it works first.

Rule #2: There are 3 things you absolutely MUST master
First, make sure you’ve carefully researched the keywords you want to target. [Not sure what this means? Go to] Second, put effort into crafting compelling adverts that will stand out. Third, make sure the landing page on your website is designed to maximise conversions.

Rule #3: Never ever just send Adwords traffic to your homepage
Related to the third thing to master (see Rule #2), it’s essential to use landing pages on your website that have been set up specifically for your Adwords campaigns. It might seem like a good idea (and an easy option) to send traffic to your homepage, but it’s the quickest way to fall foul of the ‘stupidity tax’ (see Rule #1).

Rule #4: Never just ‘set it and forget it’
Adwords is a powerful and cost-effective way to advertise your business, and a good way to find new customers. But you need to set aside regular time to review the performance of your campaigns and make changes as necessary.

Rule #5: Always be testing
A good rule of thumb when it comes to marketing is to treat everything as a test. This is certainly true with Adwords. Once you’ve found your way around the system, keep testing and monitoring different headlines and different ad content.