Is your website content ruining your business?

Is your website content ruining your business?

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Christmas parties in April?! Last year’s Mother’s Day?!

Out-of-date content on websites happens more often than you think.
And it stops people buying!

It’s a huge turn off for web browsers to find menus, events or offers that are past their sell-by date!

We’ve put together a list of the regular website checks you should be making, plus some bonus tips for making the most of your site:

  1. Is your availability calendar up to date?
  2. Once Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, etc. have passed, make sure you’re not advertising out of date information.*
  3. Are you promoting your next event or special day prominently?*
  4. Have you put an end date on special offers so customers know when they can book it?
  5. Do you have rooms to fill? How about running a flash sale and featuring it on your homepage and social media channels?*

    *Handy hint:
    Make a note in your diary when events/offers need to be removed from or added to your website.

  6. Do you have a glut of seasonal food in the kitchen? Why not create a special offer in your restaurant or add a new dish to your breakfast menu? And advertise it.
  7. Update your site with new photos. Include recent events, unusual weather and local information.
  8. Every so often, check all your links work.
  9. Add latest testimonials or guest comments to the website. Include a date so they can see the comments are recent.
  10. Write a blog post. (Why? See Not only is it search engine-friendly but it’s also a great way of creating a personality behind the hotel and keeping guests up to date with news, views and events.

Plus, some bonus tips:

  1. Research local events that you could build offers & promotions around? Remember people will be searching for those online so consider local attractions, sporting events, annual celebrations and what’s on at the theatre.
  2. Can you partner with a local attraction to offer a great package to families? Consider what other value added incentives would attract families.
  3. Always direct people to your website. Consider including your website address in a tweet or Facebook post. Always put it on your email signature.
  4. Analyse your website ‘stats’. What is your bounce rate? Which pages are most popular? Look for new sources of traffic or keywords that you should be focussing on? Is there a ‘dead-end’ in your site where people stop browsing? If so, fix it!


Top Tip! For details of events in your area, plus trade events & promotions, check out